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TU Pack Co.,Ltd. is center of packaging machines and related products. We have all kind of packaging machines  such as Vertical Packing Machine, Vertical Sealing Machine, Horizontal Packing Machine, Horizontal Sealing Machine, Strapping Machine, Carton Forming Machine, Vacuum Sealing Machine, Palletizing Machine, Cartoning Machine, Labelling Machine, Metal Checking Machine, X-Ray Machine and all kind of packaging related products such as strapping band,  film etc.

We also have many kinds of food processing machines such as line production of candy, toffy, cake, biscuit, dessert etc. We can design and manufacture automatic production line as per customers’ requirement. You can be confident that you will get good quality machines with reasonable price.


TU Pack Co.,Ltd. is affiliated company of Technology Instruments Co.,Ltd. which was established for almost 30 years. It was set up by Mr.Nattapol Sunkrasmee, brother of Mr.Natthawut Sunkrasmee who set up Technology Instruments Co.,Ltd. Customers of TU Pack Co.,Ltd. are in many industries  include food, medicine, beverage, electronics, automobile, transportation, printing house, paper, milling, agriculture, education etc.

When you buy our machines, you will be comfortable because we have more than 30 long experienced technicians who can serve you the best both before and after sales service.

There are many items available in our stock for prompt delivery. You can visit our showroom to test our machines before you buy us.

We have our own modern factory to manufacture PP strap band. Our PP Strapping manufacturing machine is modern and high efficiency. You can be confident in our quality because we have standard Q.C. in all process include material, manufacturing process. There are many size and color available in our stock for your prompt need.

"Our more than 10 years experience in packaging industries corp with our experience staffs. We can assure you that you will be impressed with our machines and service. Please visit our website and come to visit our showroom when you need high quality of machines and sevice, TU Pack Co.,Ltd. is the right place for you to buy all kind of packaging machine, food processing machine and related products."

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